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Goods And Services tax

We SV Associates provide GST service in Delhi NCR with expert team and maintain the compliance services throughout the period. As per today’s dynamic changing scenario of business and related amendment in GST provision and revision in law related to it is struggling hard to correlate with and awareness in very much low in the taxpayers.

We can assure you regarding those changes and lawful compliance of provision under GST. As we provide you regular updates and frequently resolve query through post and answer in personal though query raised by any interested client.

GST is path breaking indirect tax reform which attempt to create a common national market. GST has subsumed multiple indirect taxes like excise duty, service tax, VAT, CST, luxury tax, entertainment tax, entry tax, etc.

VAT and GST are often used inter-changeably as the latter denotes comprehensiveness of VAT by coverage of goods and services. Presently, more than 160 countries have implemented VAT/GST in some form or the other because this tax has the capacity to raise revenue in the most transparent and neutral manner. Most of the countries follow unified GST i.e, a single tax applicable throughout the Country. However, a dual GST system is prevalent. Under dual system, GST is levied by both the central and state governments. India has adopted dual GST model because of its unique federal nature.

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